Currently available for: Nook, Kindle, and Android devices, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, & now BlackBerry!

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The Greedy Ducks have teamed up to take away all the food that is in the lake. Can you help the baby ducks and their mother survive this harsh ducky world of breadcrumb hunting?

You are armed with a single loaf of bread to toss crumbs towards the roaming gathers. Try to feed as many baby yellow ducks as you can before your bread runs out. Watch out for the Greedy Ducks as they will try to prevent you from reaching your duckies fed goal!


  • 20 Levels of fast action.
  • Duck AI is much more aggressive.
  • New buttons. New Sky! New Sun.
  • Supporting both Landscape and Portrait modes of play!
  • Score Multiplier. Stack points by feeding many baby ducks in a row.
  • New Camera Zoom added when charging up a power toss.
  • New yellow baby ducky indicators that show where the action is.
  • Follow the action by Tilting your game or opt to use the virtual Joystick.
  • Tap a Greedy Duck to send mommy on the attack and get 25 points. You can stall ducks by tapping them.
  • Free the yellow baby ducks that are dizzy by tapping them and get 5 points.
  • Score 100 points by feeding the yellow baby ducks (stack them up with the multiplier), earn 250 points & extra crumbs by tossing bread at the mommy duck. Get bonus points by finishing a level with crumbs to spare.


Tap a Duck to send mommy after a target. She can also free up baby ducks who were made dizzy.

Feed many baby ducks in a row and rack up major points with the score multiplier !!!

Flick the bread pad in the direction of your target to quickly toss bread crumbs.

You can precise aiming by pull back for a moment longer on the bread pad to charge up a power shot.